digital marketing, South Africa
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kaleidoscope advertising and digital marketing
digital marketing, South Africa
digital marketing, South Africa
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digital marketing, South Africa

Financial & Lifestyle Services
Results of 6-piece teaser campaign

1. To persuade 146 busy and negative VIPs to come to a launch following a difficult acquisition.
2. To convert 2500 disgruntled customers from the old company to the new company and a new financial services and lifestyle programme.

1. "We invited 146 busy VIPS to our launch - 137 arrived on the day".
2. "Of the 2500 people on our database, 2200 converted to our new service".

Brendan Benfield
Senior executive, Duepoint Financial & Lifestyle Services

"Kaleidoscope was contracted by DuePoint to assist us in a difficult acquisition and launch process. Simultaneous to their launch into the Direct Selling and Financial Services Market of South Africa, DuePoint took over the administration of approximately 2,500 customers and Independent Network Partners of Balltron (Pty) Ltd. Balltron was closing its doors at the time and their general morale was very low and very negative from years of change and failure.

Under these circumstances, communicating effectively with 2,500 people was always going to be a challenge let alone trying to create excitement and inspiration about another change. Utilising a call centre
to contact all of them would never have been viable in the time frames we had, postage unfortunately is no longer a reality in South Africa and

  an SMS would simply not have been a sufficient form of communication to meet our statutory and regulatory requirements. Email remained our only choice despite being a notoriously bad form of communication. It was put to Kaleidoscope to make it as effective as humanly possible.

DuePoint has positioned itself as a premium brand in the Direct Selling and Financial Services space and therefore both the process of communication as well as the style and finish that the communication would take was paramount as we did not wish to devalue our brand.

Having successfully worked with Kaleidoscope before we had no doubt that they were up to the task and it took only one briefing session with Colleen, and her team were able to create an incredible teaser, invitation and transition campaign that spanned 8 weeks. The results spoke for themselves: Other than properly encompassing and enhancing our brand we successfully transitioned more than 2,000 of the 2,500 customers across to DuePoint and had 137 of the 146 invited guests arrive at our 2016 launch and induction conference.

With every transition, acquisition or merger there are always obstacles and hiccups to deal with. Colleen and the Kaleidoscope team ensured that this process would not be included as one of them. Through all the campaigns Kaleidoscope have provided for us, we have never been disappointed with their creativity, energy and proficiency.

Well done and thank you again to Colleen and her team at Kaleidoscope!

Kind regards
Brendan Benfield, Senior Executive, Duepoint Financial & Lifestyle Services
digital marketing, South Africa
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digital marketing, South Africa
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