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neuromarketing for email marketing
email marketing
neuromarketing for email marketing
email marketing
email marketing
  Kaleidoscope's strong differentiation is in the use of the techniques and principles of neuromarketing (how the brain makes decisions)
combined with eye-tracking studies (how the eye views and
understands an onscreen message). Four bodies of research have
influenced the development of our methodology > NeuroMarketing for
eMail Marketing. Knowledge of this science dramatically changes the
design principles of a marketing email, which in turn leads to dramatic
results in viewer open, read and response rates.

NOTE. There is a substantial (and growing) body of research in the field of Neuromarketing offering various services; research, consulting, measurement tools… However, of the 89 companies in the global neuromarketing research paper of 2017, there are only three agencies that are using applied neuroscience in client marketing campaigns. Kaleidoscope is one of the three; the other two being Dutch and German agencies. It further emerges that Kaleidoscope is the only agency applying this science specifically for email marketing; the practical application of Neuromarketing for eMail in a business environment.

  The science of eye tracking allows us to track where the viewer's
eyes are going. We can therefore design our emails in such a way so
as to create the highest possible conversion rates – a specific email
message that gets a "yes" click to your sales offer. The red areas
indicate a high density of viewer focus.

neuromarketing for email marketingEye tracking for email marketing

If you'd like to see design examples of neuromarketing for email designs related specifically to your industry, please make contact here

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email marketing, Cape Town, South Africa
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NeuroScience, Cape Town, South Africa
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