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email marketing, Cape Town, South Africa
  Note Important: a website exists for one reason only…
To Proceed Towards a Sale.

Is your website an effective marketing tool? Rate yourself
How do you score? (5 = is excellent, 4 = good, 3 = average, 2 = weak, 1 = bad. And 0 = hopeless!)
website www.    
1. Objective: Is your website creating sales?   5 4
2. Speed:    
Is the website fast? (max 20kb per graphic)   5 4
Type style easy to read.   5 4
3. Image:    
Creates a professional image.   5 4
4. Message, simple:    
"What's in it for me?" Clear immediately on home page?   5 4
What you are selling, clearly on the home page.   5 4
What we do? Clear and simple definition of product/service.   5 4
Differentiation apparent: how are we different?   5 4
What value we add to your business/benefits for you?   5 4
4. Navigation:    
Clear, easy to navigate? (top or left)   5 4
Can I immediately see where I want to go? With minimum of clicks?   5 4
6. Aesthetics:    
Are you using the principles of NeuroMarketing in your design?   5 4
Is your design relevant to your prospects? (look and language)   5 4
General score. Does your website look good, do you LOVE it!   5 4
7. Content management:    
Relevant, clear, concise.   5 4
Find the info that I want, get in and out quickly.   5 4
Well organized, min scrolling, not more than 1 down.   5 4
8. Contact page clear with email address   5 4
9. Score bonus points: +5 for these    
Call to action on every page.  
Free info download.  
Contact page provides a laundry list of services and downloads.  
10. Score minus points for: –5 for these    
Overuse of flashing things (they detract from the offering).  
Site is done in frames (bad for search engines).  
Contact page requires a fill-in response form (why?).  
Final score out of 100%    
email marketing, Cape Town, South Africa
email marketing, Cape Town, South Africa
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